Eddie Hall Seminar

Ever wondered what makes the Worlds Strongest Man tick? What is his training methodology? What techniques does he employ?

And how do you go from your first foray in to Strongman to becoming the Worlds Strongest Man in just 10 years? Well now is your chance to find out, from the man himself, up close and personal.

Darren Tierney Strength & Fitness are proud to present Worlds Strongest Man Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall.

On April 29th 2018 DTSF will host winner of the Worlds Strongest Man 2017 and World Record Deadlift holder, Eddie Hall, who will deliver a 3 hour seminar discussing his training methods, techniques and diet. As well as getting an insight into the life of ‘The Beast’, we will also get an opportunity to see some of Ireland’s Strongest Men and Women train with Eddie as he coaches them through the seminar.

All of this will be followed by a ‘Meet & Greet’ with Eddie where you will get the opportunity to shake hands with ‘The Beast’.

This will be an epic event. Eddie Hall is a man who has dedicated his life to reach the pinnacle. He has lifted weights so heavy that he has woken up in pools of blood. His eyes have almost burst from his head. It sounds like madness, but it’s not. He is a man seeking to be the very best he can be; and in the words of Eddie himself – “The best is yet to come, Eddie Hall is a name you will never forget”.

Tickets: €50

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