Last Friday saw another fantastic Train with the Trainers night at Darren Tierney Strength & Fitness with a great group of old, and new, faces joining team DTSF for an a hour of Strength & Fitness Training. The premise behind TWTT is to reinforce the sense of community that was poured into the foundation of the business.

As personal trainers and coaches in a busy gym it can be difficult to find the time to just get out on the floor and train with our clients and to engage with them on a level playing field, yet we feel that this is an integral part of the community based approach to gym management.

Train with the Trainers is not only about training with our clients, it is also about introducing them to new techniques and new disciplines within the world of Strength & Fitness. Last Friday we focused on Strongman training and included The Log, Tyre flips and the Prowler in the set.


With men, women, old and young all represented, all at varying levels of experience it was heart warming to see members and non-members alike cheering one another on to get that log pressed over thier head.

While it’s never a competition at DTSF (unless of course it’s a competition) the ladies ruled the day and made short work of the big tyre leaving the lads in their wake.

We get a massive kick out of seeing our clients progress on a daily basis, but on a night like last Friday we get the added bonus of sharing in their success by training with them, laughing with them and reinforcing our DTSF community spirit.

We invite you to join us for the next TWTT. Maybe you have been thinking about joining a gym and are just not sure where to start? This is the perfect opportunity to meet our team, some of our members, and have a look around our facility. Come on ahead, we can’t wait to meet you 🙂

Train with the Trainers runs on the last Friday of every month at 9pm, admission is free for members and non-members. You must be over 16.

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